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Visitation to Korea Culture Center (KCC) Jakarta

Wednesday, May 07 2014. International Relations Department UNIKOM visited Korean Cultural Center (KCC) in Jakarta. KCC is located in Equity Tower Building, SCBD, Jakarta. This visitation is one of international relations annual work program. 55 participants both lecturers dan students were participated in this visitation.

Korea and Indonesia relations recently increasing in various field like politics, economy, secial and culture. Those phenomenon encouraging the study program to know and gain more information how the relations running among two countries. One of factor is from Culture influence with K-Pop wave as we’ve seen it gave more impact to disseminate their culture and support their diplomacy around the world.

KCC Jakarta show their warm hospitality by Welcoming Remarks from Director of KCC, Mr.Kim Soek Ee. Participants are also welcomed by Ms.Kimberly and Mr.Yoon Ji Seok (Both are internship in KCC)  KCC Staff, Ms.Andoria. They were presenting about KCC profile, vision and missions. The substance of presentation make participants are excited and raised their hand for asking question about KCC.

KCC also performed one of traditional games Chegi Chagi and let the students to take participated in exciting games. Students and lecturers  also got souvenirs from KCC like brochure, booklet, etc about KCC and South Korea. Mrs.Sylvia O.Putri, as the chief of event, said that the visitation program is one of series for forthcoming event, Comparative Study to South Korea in November 2014, then the visitation to KCC will give more information and knowledge about Korea as well. UNIKOM has already have Korean Center Studies, she hopes the cooperation with KCC will be strengthen in the future. Last but not least Students and Lecturers tried to wear Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes). What a fun visitation, happy and get more knowledge. Annyong Haseo






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